Bigo live connector – download for PC

In addition to the “mainstream” Bigo Life mobile program, each user can still be advised to download a computerized “optional” – Bigo Live Connector. However, what kind of application is this? What can it be useful for?

What is the Bigo Live Connector

The fact is that sometimes for some reason the user does not want to view the broadcast from a mobile phone. For example, he simply does not like to watch what is happening on a small mobile phone display. Whatever one may say, but humankind has not yet invented anything more convenient than a full-sized screen, a mouse and a keyboard for computer control … And just in this case, the program for the computer Bigo Live Connector will help.

Using the Bigo Live Connector, you can:

    search for current broadcasts right now by rating and by tags;
    view the broadcast itself;
    sort broadcasts by region, by popularity, etc .;
    make “I like” marks, give virtual gifts, write messages to another user.

But directly broadcast using this program can not be. This would contradict the main principle of Bigo Life – mobility. Otherwise, most of the broadcasts would simply be reduced to the fact that users did not conduct live “reports” from the scene, but just sat in front of the webcams of their desktop “desktops”.

How to download and install the Bigo Live Connector

Download Bigo Life Connector can, for example, from the official site of the service. Downloading and installing the application occurs in a completely normal mode, as for all computer programs. The program “weighs” a little, so downloading does not take much time. But in order to start using the Bigo Live Connector, you will need to have a registered account on the service, as well as a “main” application on the mobile device.

How to download and install the Bigo Live Connector

Download Bigo Connect for free

Then the program on the computer will ask you to scan the QR code from a mobile device. This is necessary in order to have access to the account from the Bigo Live Connector. Scanning is automatic, you just need to “catch” the box with the code in a special frame on the mobile phone display. As soon as the code is scanned, the user will get access to his account from the computer. You can start using the Bigo Live Connector on your computer. Among other positive features of the application, it can be noted that the download of Bigo Live Connector is completely free.